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Nutritional Resources works with several other manufacturers of quality products, reference materials and professional tools in the natural health industry. We offer these items through our Marketplace — a section of our store for you to shop and purchase the resources you need to support your favorite natural health modality.

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Cal-Gluconate Sale priceFrom $ 12.95
C-Herb 1 gram
C-Herb 1 gram Sale price$ 22.78
intraMAX 2.0 (Peach Mango Flavor)
intraMAX 2.0 (Peach Mango Flavor) Sale price$ 85.00
Cal II
Cal II Sale priceFrom $ 9.95
Cal-Lactate Sale priceFrom $ 10.95
Naturopathy for the 21st Century
Naturopathy for the 21st Century Sale priceFrom $ 24.25
Sold outMin-Col Forté
Min-Col Forté Sale price$ 29.95
Practical Herbalism
Practical Herbalism Sale priceFrom $ 31.46
C-Herb (Multi Dose)
C-Herb (Multi Dose) Sale price$ 120.00
Digestive Enzymes with 35 mg Betaine HCL
Digestive Enzymes with 35 mg Betaine HCL Sale price$ 43.98
Digestive Enzyme
Digestive Enzyme Sale priceFrom $ 37.00
Chemistry of Man, The
Chemistry of Man, The Sale priceFrom $ 59.36
pH Papers
pH Papers Sale priceFrom $ 11.00
Calcium Citrate
Calcium Citrate Sale price$ 15.50
Nutritional Herbology
Nutritional Herbology Sale priceFrom $ 24.25
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes Sale price$ 41.98
Candida Free with Enzymes
Candida Free with Enzymes Sale price$ 42.30
Replenishing Cream
Replenishing Cream Sale price$ 15.50
Practical Iridology
Practical Iridology Sale priceFrom $ 20.66
Dried Blood Cell Analysis
Dried Blood Cell Analysis Sale priceFrom $ 24.25
PreDigestive Enzymes
PreDigestive Enzymes Sale price$ 52.80
Muscle Response Test Chart (Small)
Muscle Response Test Chart (Small) Sale price$ 6.50
Algazim Sale price$ 21.95
Arnica Montana 30C
Arnica Montana 30C Sale price$ 8.49
Fibrenza Sale price$ 39.99
Guide to Motherhood
Guide to Motherhood Sale price$ 7.16
Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium with Enzymes
Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium with Enzymes Sale price$ 16.50
Stress Mints
Stress Mints Sale price$ 8.00
Activated B12
Activated B12 Sale price$ 17.95
Calm Drops
Calm Drops Sale price$ 8.00
intraMIN (Tropical Flavor)
intraMIN (Tropical Flavor) Sale price$ 70.00
Dry Brush
Dry Brush Sale price$ 6.99
Enzymes: The Key to Health
Enzymes: The Key to Health Sale price$ 20.17
Diet and Nutrition - A Holistic Approach
Diet and Nutrition - A Holistic Approach Sale price$ 17.96
Moon Drops
Moon Drops Sale price$ 8.00
Dolomite Sale priceFrom $ 10.95