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C-Herb (Multi Dose)

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For Oral Use

.22 oz (6.25 gm)

The same C-Herb which allows the body to reject skin abnormalities can also be taken internally as both a blood purifier and an overall immune stimulator. The power of C-Herb rests in its ability to trigger the immune system and stimulate the body to use its own beneficial actions.

C-Herb has the ability to strip away the protein shell viruses create to hide themselves. When the virus is exposed, the immune system is activated to rid the body of the intruder. 

The oral treatment is one dose (1/4 gm) per day for 21 days. To end the treatment, always taper off by waiting 1 day followed by a dose, then waiting 2 days followed by a dose, then waiting 3 days followed by a dose. 

Take C-Herb with food and drink plenty of water.

water, fiber, black walnut, burdock, white oak bark and mineral salts

C-Herb (Multi Dose)
C-Herb (Multi Dose) Sale price$ 120.00