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Essential Oil — Blends

Aromatherapy has been used since ancient times to produce a positive, healthy response within the body. Essential oils can be used to relieve tension, improve relaxation, energize your spirit, focus the mind and so much more. We are proud to offer an affordable line of oils that are 100% pure — guaranteed to be free of any additives or residuals.

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Breathe Easy (Crystal Breath)
Breathe Easy (Crystal Breath) Sale price$ 15.00
Cajeput & Lemon Oil Blend
Cajeput & Lemon Oil Blend Sale price$ 17.00
Citrus Dreams (Uplifting)
Citrus Dreams (Uplifting) Sale price$ 14.00
Cooling Water (Migra-Ease)
Cooling Water (Migra-Ease) Sale price$ 20.00
Digest Easy (Calming Core)
Digest Easy (Calming Core) Sale price$ 14.00
Earthly Calm (Deep Muscle)
Earthly Calm (Deep Muscle) Sale price$ 18.75
Eternal Flame (Be Alert)
Eternal Flame (Be Alert) Sale price$ 12.50
GreenX Sale price$ 19.00
Holiday Cheer
Holiday Cheer Sale price$ 12.00
Icicle (Meno-Cool)
Icicle (Meno-Cool) Sale price$ 15.75
Lavender Oil Blend
Lavender Oil Blend Sale price$ 17.00
Lemon-aid (Be Happy)
Lemon-aid (Be Happy) Sale price$ 12.00
Lullaby (Sleep Easy)
Lullaby (Sleep Easy) Sale price$ 18.00
Muscle Ease (Fire & Ice)
Muscle Ease (Fire & Ice) Sale price$ 18.00
Nature's Shield (Bug-Away)
Nature's Shield (Bug-Away) Sale price$ 10.00
Nature's Sword (Ultra Immunity)
Nature's Sword (Ultra Immunity) Sale price$ 15.00
Pink Flowers (Women's Monthly)
Pink Flowers (Women's Monthly) Sale price$ 16.75
Refreshing Wind (Be Focused)
Refreshing Wind (Be Focused) Sale price$ 14.50
Soothing (Bruise Be Gone)
Soothing (Bruise Be Gone) Sale price$ 15.00
Strength (Extreme Sinus)
Strength (Extreme Sinus) Sale price$ 12.00
Stress Ease (Eye of the Storm)
Stress Ease (Eye of the Storm) Sale price$ 18.00
Thieves Immunity (Dragon's Breath Blend)
Thieves Immunity (Dragon's Breath Blend) Sale price$ 15.00
Vertigo Sale price$ 18.00
Volcano (Be Warm)
Volcano (Be Warm) Sale price$ 12.50