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For those who are unable to say "no" and are easily imposed upon.

Centaury's Positive Outcome: Willingness to serve others without denying their own needs and the ability to express and defend opinions while still being considerate of others views.

This flower remedy might be a good option for you if you identify with any of the following indicators:

  • Psychological Characteristics: Cannot say no to anyone, easily give in rather than stand up for their own feelings, may be easily exploited by others, find strength in others rather than themselves.
  • Physical Indications: Tend to have back problems, sit stooped and have rings under their eyes.*


0.36 fl oz (10.5 ml)


Active Ingredients — Centaurium umbellatum HPUS 1C dilution

Inactive Ingredients — Brandy (27% alcohol) OR Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Centaury Sale price$ 10.00