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Systemic Enzymes

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We are thrilled to present our newest breakthrough in enzyme supplementation: Systemic Enzymes with AstraZyme® Integration. This formulation is a significant evolution from our earlier Protease Enzyme formula, offering advanced and comprehensive support for your clients wellness.

What Sets Systemic Enzymes Apart?

  • Advanced Enzyme Blend: The new formula boasts 9 proteolytic enzymes, elevating from the 4 in our previous formula, to broaden its spectrum of action.
  • AstraZyme® Integration: Featuring AstraZyme® Protein, AstraZyme® Carbo, and AstraZyme® Lipid, they efficiently clear proteins, carbohydrates, and fats from the bloodstream.
  • Optimized Delivery: Encased in smaller, delayed-release capsules, these enzymes are released in the small intestine, bypassing stomach acid, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
Systemic Enzymes
Systemic Enzymes Sale price$ 50.00