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Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI) is used to analyze and identify previously unrecognized electrobiochemical dysfunctions taking place within the body. The results of this analysis allows the creation of a perfect set of personal lifestyle recommendations that can address and reverse those unrecognized dysfunctional patterns. The products offered here align with RBTI analysis to improve your health.

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Activated B-Complex
Activated B-Complex Sale price$ 56.95
Activated B6
Activated B6 Sale price$ 15.95
Activated B12
Activated B12 Sale price$ 17.95
Algazim Sale price$ 21.95
Cal II
Cal II Sale priceFrom $ 9.95
Sold outCal-Gluconate
Cal-Gluconate Sale priceFrom $ 13.95
Calcium Gluconate | Powder
Calcium Gluconate | Powder Sale price$ 19.95
Cal-Lactate Sale priceFrom $ 10.95
Calcium Citrate
Calcium Citrate Sale price$ 16.95
Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver Sale priceFrom $ 15.95
Dolomite Sale priceFrom $ 10.95
K-Min Sale priceFrom $ 12.95
Lime Water
Lime Water Sale price$ 29.95
Magnesium Citrate
Magnesium Citrate Sale price$ 17.95
Manganese Chelate
Manganese Chelate Sale price$ 9.95
Min-Col Forté
Min-Col Forté Sale price$ 29.95
Nutra-A Plus
Nutra-A Plus Sale priceFrom $ 15.95
Selenium Sale price$ 6.95
Conductivity Reference Solution
Conductivity Reference Solution Sale price$ 24.00
Conductivity Tester
Conductivity Tester Sale price$ 75.00
Graduated Cylinder
Graduated Cylinder Sale price$ 14.55
pH Papers
pH Papers Sale priceFrom $ 11.00
Pipettes | Nutritional Resources
Pipettes Sale priceFrom $ 8.00
Sold outReams Testing Bundle
Reams Testing Bundle Sale price$ 269.00
Refractometer Sale price$ 105.00
Saliva Collection Cups
Saliva Collection Cups Sale price$ 4.00
Universal Extracting Solution
Universal Extracting Solution Sale price$ 32.00
Wash Bottle
Wash Bottle Sale price$ 12.00
Sold outWell Plate
Well Plate Sale price$ 25.00