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For those who dwell in the past, of what was and could have been.

Honeysuckle's Positive Outcome: The past no longer has a hold on the person and is able to live in the present, move forward and accepts life’s conditions.

This flower remedy might be a good option for you if you identify with any of the following indicators:

  • Psychological Characteristics: Lives in the past, does not expect future happiness as great as in the past, homesick for the past, memories of lost friends, dwells on the past, pessimistic outlook for the present and the future, lacks the capacity to change and accept new things.
  • Physical Indications: Refers to the past in conversations, lacks energy and attention to the present.*


0.36 fl oz (10.5 ml)


Active Ingredients — Lonicera caprifolium HPUS 1C dilution

Inactive Ingredients — Brandy (27% alcohol) OR Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Honeysuckle Sale price$ 10.00