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Silver Shield Cosmetic Gel (20 ppm) (3 oz)

Sale price$ 26.95

3 ounce tube


  • Uses fine particle-size colloids for maximum bioavailability.
  • Poses no risk of heavy metal contamination.
  • Provides 20 ppm of bioavailable silver.
  • Acts as a skin moisturizer.

How It Works:

Silver Shield Gel® is a clear gel product that promotes natural hydration and also provides a moisturizing effect. This product is manufactured with a patented process using Bioavailable Aqua Sol Technology and utilizes only the finest particle-sized colloids to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficiency. Silver Shield Gel® is safe, alcohol-free, and poses no risk of causing heavy metal contamination. This gel provides 20 ppm of bioavailable silver.


Silver Shield solution [purified water, silver (20 ppm)]

Recommended Use:

Apply a small amount of gel to skin as needed.