Why Liquid Herbs?

Nutritional Resources has a great product line of herbal extracts. Every day we are back in our kitchen working on these products with pride and joy — knowing that our customers rely on us to deliver quality products that can improve their health.

Whether you are a veteran herbalist or you are just being introduced to the world of herbs, you might be asking why Nutritional Resources offers liquid herbs rather than encapsulated herbs (dry herb powders). 

Liquid herbs assimilate in the body faster than dry herb powders. As a result, you should be able to notice the action of the herb quicker. Unlike encapsulated powdered herbs, the taste and smell alone of liquid herbs activate systems and organs within the body, compounding the nutritional benefit of the herb itself.

In his book Practical Herbalism, Philip Fritchey says

The simplest and most traditional method of taking herbs into the body is as an herbal beverage. ... Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts made with fresh or dried herbs. Herbal material is macerated (soaked) in a natural solvent called a menstruum. The menstruum — usually a mixture of distilled spirits and water — dissolves and carries the active constituents out of the fibrous plant material. When the mass is pressed and filtered, the resulting extract more or less contains the same proportion of naturally balanced "actives" as the original plant. Tinctures are, therefore, called whole herb extracts, and can be used with the same safety considerations and expectations for outcome as the herb itself. 

The key advantages to tinctures are that they are concentrated and convenient to use, easy to mix into combinations, dosages are easier to control, and they have an excellent shelf life. They may be taken internally, applied directly to the skin, or used in external applications like fomentations.

Another major benefit of Nutritional Resources' herbal extracts is that they are kid-friendly. Our herbs are prepared with glycerine rather than alcohol. It can be much easier to get a child to take a sweet-tasting liquid product than to swallow a large capsule.

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