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Jill's House

Nutritional Resources is excited to share with you some of the nonprofit organizations that we have chosen to recently support. After each quarter, we donate a percentage of our profit to organizations that are hand-picked by our staff. Today we shine the spotlight on Jill's House (selected by myself, Shawn).

Jill’s House is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to providing support for families (without regard to race, religion or ethnicity) raising children who have special needs through short-term overnight care and activities allowing respite for their families. They want to change the face of disability ministry in America so that each family of a child with an intellectual disability has respite within reach and access to a church that embraces them.

The parents, caregivers and siblings of these special children are extraordinary human beings. They face the same day-to-day struggles as most with the added concern, dedication, stress and exhaustion that comes with raising a child with special needs.

Overnight respite provided by Jill's House allows parents to:

  • Take time away and focus on their marriages.
  • Devote more time to typical siblings.
  • Continue their education to improve their family’s quality of life.
  • Get ahead on work.
  • Catch up with old friends.
  • Best of all, let go and release any guilt or fear, because they know their child is happy and safe.

I chose Jill's House because I have some friends with two beautiful children. In the spring of 2008, both of their kids were diagnosed with MPS III A — otherwise known as Sanfilippo Syndrome. It is a fatal genetic disorder, and in November 2016, the oldest child was called home to heaven. She had just turned 13. Their second child will turn 12 later this year. 

Theirs is an utterly heart-wrenching story. I just wished there was something that could be done to heal the situation (other than pray). My friends have often mentioned how incredibly grateful they are for Jill's House. And after learning about them, my heart is filled with joy that such a unique place exists for families like these.

Nutritional Resources is proud to support Jill's House. If you would like to learn more information about them, please visit their website at

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