Everyone Likes Getting
Something for FREE!

I recently visited a farmer's market in Florida to buy some oranges. One of the vendors had multiple varieties from which to choose; however, I didn't know which one I would like better. Recognizing the confusion on my face, the gentleman behind the table pulled out a plate of sliced oranges of the different varieties for me to try a free sample. From that small gift, I was able to make an informed decision.

At Nutritional Resources, we sometimes recognize that same expression of confusion from a customer ... "there are so many products, where do I start?" So we introduced a fun element of our company called Free Friday. 

Every Friday we offer an item on our site that can be purchased for $0. But this isn't just a sample — a "slice of orange" — rather, we offer the "whole orange" for free. We will take one of our actual products and mark it down to $0. 

Does it seem too good to be true? I understand ... I mean, who does this? There must be a catch, right? Nope. We truly believe in our products and we want you to experience them, too. So we try to remove as many obstacles as possible for you to try one of our liquid herbs, flower remedies, homeopathic solutions, essential oils, or other products that we offer.

The not-so-small print:

  • Standard shipping rates apply. If other items in your order total enough for free shipping, then you will still receive free shipping as well as the Free Friday item.
  • The free item must be added to your cart ... we will not automatically add it to your order.
  • The free item must be ordered online on the actual day of the promotion. Sorry, orders for the free item sent via mail or phone will not be accepted.
  • There is a limit of one Free Friday item per customer per week.

It is that simple. Nutritional Resources has been offering a Free Friday item for over 120 weeks and we hope to continue for many more weeks to come! It is our hope that you will try some of these products and find a new "favorite" in your health regimen. 

The Free Friday item can be found every Friday on our Deals page along with other items that are on sale.

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